products_pic02     Aluminum Vacuum Cleaner Attachment
This vacuum cleaner attachment is made of 319 aluminum and highlights the use of a complex shell core.
products_pic03     Aluminum Pump
This pump part is made of 356 aluminum and is heat-treated, and machined.
 IMG_1667     Aluminum Pump Center
Made from 319 aluminum and machined.
 IMG_0038a     Aluminum Wrench
Made from 535 aluminum for fire equipment.
 IMG_0007a     Aluminum Pump Manifold
Made from 356 aluminum, heat treated and machined.
stern     Aluminum 64 Inch Drum End
Made from 355 aluminum by Air Set molding and heat treated.  
IMG_0040a     Aluminum Shift Lever Housing
Made from 356 aluminum on Hunter 30 and heat treated.
piston     Aluminum 33 Inch Full Piston
Made from 355 aluminum and heat treated. 800 pound net weight.